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What is a technical line illustration?

“The aim is to generate expressive images that effectively convey certain information. Can be component technical drawings or diagrams, created in black-and-white artwork.”

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Areas of use…

Design patents, museum displays, brochures, operating manuals, product instructions, concept drawings.

Did you know…?

In April 2003, engravings (a type of line illustration) and bas-reliefs were found on the walls and ceilings of some British caves; an important find as it had previously been thought that no British cave art existed. Read more...
The National Trust
Pope’s Cabinet’
We are a preferred supplier, trusted to produce digital informational graphic presentations for The National Trust, notably for the £8m ‘Pope’s Cabinet’ displayed at Stourhead, Wiltshire. This is a 13ft-tall cabinet, reputedly made for Pope Sixtus V (1585–90), but now thought to be of mid-17th century origin. (Cont. on next page...)

Since its restoration in 2006, we have meticulously digitally re-created the cabinet, showing the labyrinth of secret doors and drawers so that the public can appreciate its complexity without compromising the piece itself.
(Cont. on next page...)

When complete, the work will be seen in conjunction with video, the internet, exhibition stands and print work. Please read more about this project in the news pages of this website.
Volvo Truck
.With superstructure instructions in several languages, chassis drawings, wiring diagrams, accessories and much more, these illustrations were a prime resource for the customer’s needs. These examples were created as orthographic views, using photographs as reference, and were used to show the location of different parts in an operator’s manual.
Medical Illustration
Illustration was commissioned to show the structure of the human hand, Carpal bones, Metacarpal bones and Phalanges. The illustration was used in many different areas of a medical essay to clarify complex medical information in personal injury and medical malpractice cases.
Double Glazing Fixtures and Fittings
Sliding glass patio door internal locking handle versions. Used for assembly instructions, and measurements were added for installation accuracy. The line work illustration was created from photographs taken in our studio.
Agricultural Square Baler
This is a lightweight square baler requiring a tractor output of just 73 kW/100 hp. The commission was to construct from technical orthographic plans an illustration to show the bailer from the best view to display key elements to be used within an operator’s manual.

What do we offer?

Custom designs, Expertise, Flexibility, User testing, Cost savings

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