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What is a 3D technical animation?

“Digital models manipulated by an animator, which visually communicate how products and services perform.”

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Areas of use…

Product prototype, development and modeling, educational programs, advertising, marketing and convert CAD.

Did you know…?

In 1959, the General Motors Research Laboratories appointed a special research team to investigate the use of computers in designing automobiles. In 1960, IBM joined the project, producing the first commercially-available Computer Aided Design program, known as DAC-1. Read more...
Truck suspension system

Manufactured by Chalmers International, displays an innovative configuration of the system's tension arms. 3D animation demonstrates how the system mechanically articulates much better than technical drawings can. In less than one minute, the viewer understands how it works... and technical animation helps make the sale.

Water filtration

Technical animation can make a point by way of summarizing a complicated process using an invented 3D construct. This water filtration process lab demo does not actually exist. But it does effectively describe a triple-filtration process that a cosmetics manufacturer uses to purify the water for manufacturing their cosmetics.

Hydro-electric station

3D animation reveals hidden worlds, like this hydro-electric power generating station. Not only is it possible to show cutaway views with turbines churning, but the viewer can actually be taken on a theme park-like ride down an intake chute, past whirling turbine blades that would be impractical to film, to say the least.

Subway signaling system

The grand sweep of some technical systems are difficult to grasp in their immensity...unless you observe it all through the medium of 3D technical animation. Through the eyes of the animation's virtual camera, the operation of this extensive, complex and mission-critical subway signaling system is ably demonstrated. The precise timing of signals is easily shown, even over a large scale. Another example of the unique functionality that 3D animation brings to human perception.

The Lab

The Lab is a 3D animation walkthrough of an organic cosmetics laboratory. Though not a depiction of an actual existing lab, this animated walkthrough is intended to simulate the look and feel of a very mysterious scientific production environment. Here, natural compounds are prepared and essential ingredients extracted from high-tech tanks that use laser technology, in a lab space lit with ultraviolet light.

Workings of the Workout 180 Home Gym

User options of the Workout 180 Home Gym

Not obvious at all from the outside this animation allowed consumers a glimpse inside the cowling to see the complex array of bands and how they functioned. Second marketing challenge was how to VISUALLY express the different tension intensity characteristics, and how they were superior to conventional band exercise.

Architectural Walkthrough

Architectural walkthrough tour showing an early stage of design development extension for the Healthcare Facility at the Trillium Centre in Toronto. This innovative design made clever use of photographic panels along the entrance walkway, featuring trillium leaves tying in with the centers brand.

H2O Vacuum

3D animation can make even dirt seem fascinating. One follows the dust and particles through the remarkable workings of this best selling H2O Vacuum, and finds the process actually interesting. The power of curiosity, engaged and enhanced by 3D animation.

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