Exercise equipment! In our studio!

Workstation 180

The Workout 180 portable fitness device.


This 3D product animation sold an innovative piece of exercise equipment called the Workout 180 that incorporates strength training, stability exercises and cardio workouts into one compact and portable fitness device.

The animation challenges were, first of all, to show the product's inner workings, which were not obvious at all from the outside. Animating the product in 3D allowed consumers a glimpse inside the cowling of this amazing invention, so they could see the complex array of bands and how they functioned. The Workout 180's unique resistance band system "pre-stretched" the bands inside the unit, providing 7 different levels of resistance.

Workstation 180

The Workout 180 in use

The second marketing challenge for this product was how to VISUALLY express the different tension intensity characteristics of the Workout 180, and how they were superior to conventional band exercise gear. The animated diagram behind the product in some of the animated sequences demonstrated this simply and effectively.

Our finished animation; see it in our 3D Technical Animation Showcase

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