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What is an instructional illustration?

“The practice of maximizing the effectiveness, efficiency and appeal of instruction and other learning experiences.”

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Areas of use…

Manuals, e-learning, textbooks, guide books, corporate brochures, product instructions.

Did you know…?

The earliest big producer of instructional illustrated training materials was the Disney Corporation. Read more...
Model train part replacement instructions leaflet
Commission to create a line illustration showing a small part being replaced in a small area in a leaflet. Created from photographs taken in the studio.
Hydraulic excavator with clamshell bucket operator's manual
Commissioned to present elements of a process to remove a hydraulic clamshell bucket. Constructed from orthographic plans.
Wire rope connection joint
An instructional leaflet and marketing material were required to accompany the hardware joint. Created from photographic reference.
Waste heat boiler marketing material
The waste heat boilers are designed according to the flame tube/smoke tube boiler principle. Here, the hot flue gas is directed through pipe bundles, where its heat is transferred to the water inside the boiler body. An overlay was created with the different stages listed out. This illustration was constructed from orthographic plans.
Electric skateboard user's manual
Commissioned to design a user manual, from table of contents to style guide. Clarity and precision went into the production. These illustrations were created from photographing the actual skateboard and then rendering it in line work to show the details that were most important.

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