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The National Trust
Continental Tyres
The Open University

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the largest broadcasting network in the world, we have been working with the BBC since 2000.

The National Trust protect and open to the public over 350 historic houses, gardens and ancient monuments throughout the UK. In 2009 we proudly became a preferred supplier of their digital content.

Continental is the fourth-largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Since 2004 we have created any UK specific digital marketing material for them.

The Open University is the UK's largest university for part-time and distant learning higher education. We have been working with the university since 2004 creating a range of projects, concepts and brand identities.

The National Trust

In 2009 we proudly became a preferred supplier to The National Trust and are trusted to produce digital informational graphic presentations for them.

Our first commission is to digitally create one of the most important objects in the Trust’s collection, the 'Pope Sixtus V' Cabinet, worth between £8m and £12m. It is housed at Stourhead House in Wiltshire and it is thought that the piece dates from the late 16th century and was created for the family of Pope Sixtus V. The facade resembles a Roman baroque church with doors and windows which are actually cupboards and drawers, within which are numerous secret compartments.

Our part of the Pope's Cabinet's story began with intense anticipation and a visit to the workshop at Stourhead House. A full day was needed to take all 142 drawers out, some so hidden we could hardly find them, and one which still cannot be opened. Some drawers are constructed with false bottoms and, once turned over, revealed a second hidden drawer pulled out from behind. We took precise measurements and hundreds of reference photographs to be used back at the our studios.

You can see our progress so far in the Line Illustration showcase on this web site.

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